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Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments have maintained steady popularity since the idea of themed Christmas trees began and it’s hardly a surprise as the Disney Princesses do hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Which ever Disney Princess is your favorite there is a Christmas ornament available for them so whether you’re a Cinderella fan or a Tiana fan you can hang your favorite Disney Princess on the tree.

Not only can you get Christmas ornaments of the individual princesses you can also get some sets of ornaments that feature several of the different princesses like this one –



This Disney Princess Christmas ornament set features 10 Disney princesses. Where this set is different is that all of the ornaments are freestanding which means you can display them as ornaments throughout the year and just attach their ribbons and hang them on your tree during the holiday season – that’s what I call a bargain – double duty ornaments!

The Disney Princesses are so popular it’s hardly surprising that you can buy quite a few different sets of them to hang on your tree.   Sometimes people have a favorite Disney Princess, however, and if you do then the chances are you’ll be able to get ornaments of her for your tree.

Ariel Christmas Ornaments

The Little Mermaid Disney Princess Ornaments

Th eLittle Mermaid Christmas OrnamentThe Little Mermaid or Princess Ariel is a favorite of many girls, young and old.   I do remember that my eldest niece simply adored Ariel and I had to read her story to her over and over again.

If Ariel is your favorite Disney Princess then you will definitely want at least one of her ornaments for your tree……or two one where she’s a mermaid and one when she has legs.   There’s plenty of Little Mermaid Christmas ornaments to choose from and you can check them out on the post below –

Aurora Christmas Ornaments

Sleeping Beauty Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Sleeping Beauty Christmas OrnamentsSleeping Beauty is certainly a classic favorite out of the Disney Princesses which is why fans will be pleased to learn there are a lot of different Sleeping Beauty Christmas Ornaments to choose from.

If Sleeping Beauty aka Princess Aurora is your favorite Disney Princess then she also has her own page full of some beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Belle Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Beauty & the Beast Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Belle Christmas OrnamentDisney Princess Belle is also a very popular choice as people’s favorite Disney Princess. If you’re one of the legions of Belle fans then you’ll love the selection of Belle Christmas Ornaments available.

Princess Belle or Beauty from Beauty and the Beast (you know I didn’t even know her name was Belle growing up I thought it was Beauty!) have their own post full of cool Christmas ornaments for your tree –

Cinderella Christmas Ornaments

My Favorite Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Cinderella Christmas OrnamentNow I must put my hand up and admit that Cinderella is my favorite Disney Princess so I love the idea of decking the tree in Cinderella ornaments and maybe Prince Charming and the glass slipper as well!

Cinderella Christmas ornaments are extremely popular, as the saying goes Cinderella is proof that all a girl needs is the right pair of shoes!   If you’re a Cinderella fan then you will simply adore the selection of Cinderella ornaments on the post below –

Jasmine Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments to Brighten Up Your Tree

Jasmine from the fairy tale Aladdin is another favorite Disney Princess of many and I’ve found some great Jasmine Christmas Ornaments for you to enjoy –

 Hallmark Keepsake 2017 Disney Aladdin 25th Anniversary Christmas Ornament With Music Hallmark Disney Aladdin Jasmine Christmas Ornament Set of 7 Aladdin Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments Featuring Aladdin, Sultan, Jasmine, Genie, Jafar, Magic Flying Carpet, and Rajah

Mulan Christmas Ornaments

Fun Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Mulan is probably the Disney Princess that I know the least about, but she is still popular and if you’d like to have a Mulan inspired tree this holiday season then you can check out these ornaments

 Disney Mulan Sketchbook Christmas Holiday Ornament Mulan Ornament DISNEY EXCLUSIVE : 2012 Disney’s Mulan Hanging Ornament c/w Disney Gift tag

Pocahontas Christmas Ornaments

A Real Life Disney Princess in Christmas Ornament Form!

Pocahontas is a Disney Princess actually based on a real life person which I think is pretty cool, if you’re a Princess Pocahontas fan then these Pocahontas Christmas ornaments should put a smile on your face.

 Pocahontas Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Hallmark Pocahontas &Captain John Smith Disney Pocahontas & Meeko Xmas Ornament

Rapunzel Christmas Ornaments

The Movie Tangled Turned This Princess into a Disney Princess!

I’ve always loved the story of Rapunzel and when Disney released the movie Tangled she seemed to get a second life as a very popular Disney Princess, here’s a few Rapunzel Christmas ornaments for you to enjoy.

 Hallmark Disney Rapunzel Christmas Ornament Disney Tangled Rapunzel Christmas Ornament Disney Rapunzel Christmas Ornament


Snow White Christmas Ornaments

Classic Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments

Snow White is another firm favorite of many, in fact when my daughter was younger Snow White was her absolute favorite Disney Princess.   There are lots of great Snow White Christmas ornaments as well as ornaments featuring the Seven Dwarfs who also have their own fan base!

For some great Snow White Christmas ornaments you’ll want to check out the post below

Tiana Christmas Ornaments

Disney Princess Christmas Ornaments Worth Kissing a Frog For!

If you’re a fan of the Princess and the Frog then these Christmas Ornaments are designed just for you –

 Hallmark Disney Princess Tiana Christmas Ornament Disney The Princess and the Frog Ornament Disney Princess Tiana Christmas Ornament


Frozen Christmas Ornaments

Frozen introduced us to two Disney Princesses Elsa and Anna and if you loved the movie and the characters in that movie then you can check out the Christmas ornaments on the page below –

Gorgeous selection of Disney Princess Christmas ornaments

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